AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Connect to Internet – Troubleshooting Tips

Due to AOL desktop gold won’t connect to the internet, you can’t open the application program unless your network trouble is fixed.

So, before beginning troubleshooting, you need to figure out what causes AOL gold no internet problem.

For better understanding & troubleshooting, read this one post step by step and resolve your desktop gold connectivity problem. 

AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Connect to Internet

Find Causes – AOL Desktop Gold No Internet Issue

To troubleshoot broadband Internet connection on AOL desktop gold, find out the category that your problem falls into.

Let’s begin step by step its reasons on Connectivity:

Reasons 1: Operating System

When you aren’t able to connect AOL programs using IE or Chrome but through other browsers like Firefox (it’s just an example, the vice-versa may also be possible).

Reasons 2: Computer Settings

When you try to access the same AOL gold program via another Computer on the same network- it connects easily. 

So, you should try to focus on Computer hardware or software issues. 

Reason No. 3: Network/Router/ISP

If nothing works means nothing connected to broadband connection that indicates the problem with your ISP/Router/Modem.

From above, if you have found the exact issue of desktop gold not connecting to the internet? Then, jump to the specific section from here!

If you can’t diagnose the exact problem, don’t bother, simply follow the given solution one-by-one in the given order, unless your AOL desktop won’t connect to the Internet. 

Solution For AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Connect to Internet

With no more fuss, getting started with given troubleshooting solution to fix AOL program not connecting online.

Now, we will discuss in these solutions i.e. AOL desktop gold won’t connect to internet due to OS, AO.L. Gold without Internet because of PC Errors and other more solution;

Solution 1: Enable Automatic LAN Detect Settings

To understand & troubleshoot the problem, let’s consider a scenario to get rid of the connectivity problem.

  • Open Google Chrome -> Click  on the three dot icon at the top-left corner.
    go to google chrome settings
  • Choose Settings option -> In the opened Windows, scroll down to click on “Advanced option”.
    open google chrome advanced settings
  • Now, search for the “System” section and click on “Open Proxy Settings”.
    Open Proxy Settings in google chrome
  • Select “Connection” -> From Internet Properties Windows -> Click on LAN Settings.
    lan setting to fix aol desktop gold not connecting to internet
  • Make sure “Automatically detect settings is enabled ” and “Use a proxy server for LAN” is enabled.

Solution 2: Disable Internet Protected mode 

The steps for this process are as follow:

disable Enhanced Protected Mode to fix aol gold internet connection issue

  • Open your Web browser.
  • Tap on the Tools icon -> Choose Settings -> Click on Advanced option.
  • Search System section -> Proxy Settings -> Security Tab 
  • Finally, uncheck  the enable “Enhanced Protected Mode” box.

Solution 3: Update System Driver

To resolve the problem of Internet connectivity, you need to download the latest driver version for your older machine peripherals.

Else, some of the programs like AOL desktop gold will stop responding in the new OS. 

Make sure version of your OS that you want to install.

  • Download Network card drivers on your PC from a reliable source.
  • After download, install those network card drivers on your device and see if problem solved. 

Download and update Network card drivers

For more, you need to keep your desktop gold updated. For this, see how to fix AOL gold automatic update function not working

Solution 4: Check All the Hardware 

  • Make sure your PC and router are plugged in properly and tightly.
  • Inspect all the wired connections.
  • If you find any cable loose or worn out then replace it.
  • In case, you are using Wi-Fi connection, check that it is enabled through a switch on your laptop/PC.

Solution 5: Manage TCP/IP Settings

  • Start button -> Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Network & Sharing Center -> Click on Manage Network Connections in the left hand column.
  • Now right click Local Area Connection -> Select Properties.
  • When the user account controls Windows asking permission to Continue, then tap on Continue button.
  • In Connection Properties Windows -> Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> Click Properties.
  • Ensure that Obtain an IP address automatically and DNS server address automatically are selected.

Now, try to login to AOL desktop gold and see if problem resolved. 

Solution 6: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold 

If you have any suspicious  your system might get infected by Malware then don’t forget to…

  • Run a PC scanner tool to confirm the presence of Malware programs.
  • Later, uninstall AOL gold from your PC.
  • Download AOL again from a reliable source and install it properly.

See; How to Download AOL Desktop Gold & install without any error.

Solution 7: Reset Router

reset router

To do that:

  • Unplug all the power cables that are connected to the router.
  • Locate the reset button Router. Most of the time, you can see it on Router’s back. Once you figure out, press and hold reset button for few seconds.

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Contact Experts

Hopefully, the above mentioned troubleshooting definitely will help you to fix AOL desktop gold won’t connect to internet problems. If not, just reach out desktop gold experts to take further assistance. 

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