Can’t Upgrade AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold – Solved

Can’t Upgrade AOL Desktop to Desktop Gold?


Since you have purchased the membership, but unable to upgrade desktop gold.

Don’t bother; This post is for you and try the troubleshooting solutions to resolve software upgrade problem. 

So, without delay, get started;

AOL Desktop to Desktop Gold

Basic Causes – Can’t Upgrade AOL Desktop to Desktop Gold

Using desktop software it is necessary to upgrade from time to time for its new amazing features. But unable to upgrade due to some technical problems.

Generally, software upgrade problems lies because of..

  • The faulty Computer system
  • Incompatible between software and Windows system 
  • Internet/Network problems’
  • Incorrect Router’s setting is the reason of upgrade problem.

Now the time to troubleshoot desktop gold software upgrade problems with basic and advanced techniques.

Basic Troubleshooting Technique – Can’t Upgrade AOL Desktop to Desktop Gold

Mostly users have no idea or don’t know the right procedure on how to download desktop gold Windows system.

Due to this, they fail or unsuccessful to upgrade desktop gold. 

So, make sure the right steps for downloading if you are new or existing user. 

In case, if you are a new user to this procedure of purchasing advanced plan membership, check out below process for installing desktop software. 

For Old and Advantage Desktop Gold Member

If you have a Membership 

  1. Download desktop gold software in right way. During the download, make sure you have clicked the download file from desktop membership section only. (Here’s you will see that your software available free of cost).
  2. Once your desktop gold download, click on the file and follow the instructions to run software. To complete all procedures, you need to type your desktop gold login credentials. 
  3. Next, under “All Products” section – > click “Desktop Gold Download” button.
  4. Save file on your Windows system.
  5. Locate your download file – > double-click on file and tap on the “Run” button to install desktop gold.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions and finish the installation process.

If You have a Trial or Subscription Plan

Check out below steps for users with desktop gold trial or subscription plan:

  1. To get desktop gold membership, execute all instructions carefully to create account.
  2. Once account created, go to “Manage My Subscription” section and click on ‘Premium Subscription ‘Tab.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on “Get Started” button.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email, open it and navigate download gold desktop page for Windows. 
  5. Follow the whole procedure for downloading and installing software by double click on the download file. 
  6. Once your installations process lies at the end, you will appear a prompt “Import your Mail”. 
  7. Next, click on “Yes” button to complete the process. 

Important: Due to basic subscription plan, you have no desktop gold upgrade available. Upgrading, you have a premium one.  

For a New Member

For new users, we have a little simple and easy procedure to get desktop gold software on Windows.

However, all beginners, follow this desktop gold download install link for an incredible experience.

Desktop Gold Upgrade – Advanced Troubleshooting Technique

So, after following the right path , you still not able to perform desktop gold upgrade.

There might be not a good internet connection or any hardware problem.

So, first off check your internet connection because Computer loses wi-fi connection cause  desktop won’t upgrade to new desktop gold. 

One of the easiest solutions to fix problem restart your Windows system and router. 

If you stuck software upgrade issues continue then get out problems to read below advanced troubleshooting technique.

Technique 1: Incompatibility Between System and Software 

That is the big issue when your system doesn’t meet with defined requirements to download desktop software. 

It is necessary your system and software met with below prerequisites: 

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and higher
  • Computer Processor: 266 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB Free Disk Space, 1 GB RAM
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Internet: Fast and Uninterrupted
  • A Web Browser latest version

Besides these requirements, don’t forget to update the .NET framework of Windows to 4.5.2, else you’ll see Windows .NET framework error. 

Technique 2: Incompatible Router/Poor Internet Connection

Remember one thing ADSL modem router are compatible with desktop gold software. In case, your modem router not compatible with desktop gold, you can’t download it. 

Your gold software compatible with router if you router has an MTU Settings and supporting PPPoE connection. 

For connecting desktop software to ADSL Modem Routers, you have required login user ID, password and MTU set to 1400.

Important:  Some modem router have different settings i.e. ‘TCP MS’ settings instead if ‘MTU’ settings.  

Next, to use PPPoE connection on Desktop Gold:

  1. Open “New Connection Wizard” – > Click “Next” button.
  2. Select Radio button from the ‘Connect to Internet’ option -> Click ‘Next’.
  3. Select option “Setup My Connection Manually”. Next Windows -> Choose “Connect using a broadband connection” that have a username and password option.
  4. Tap on “Next” button – > Type ISP name. Type a unique name for the connection -> Click “Next”.
  5. Type your authenticated login credentials and tap ‘Next’ button to complete the connection setup process.
  6. Once done, click on network connection that you have created. Type your login details to connect with broadband network.

After this, you network connection start and you can get your desktop gold software.

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However, if you encounter any problem while performing troubleshooting steps then take assistance from experts to fix upgrade problems.

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