My Browser is Crashing in AOL Desktop Gold – Fixed!!

Is your browser keeps crashing or freezing in desktop gold?


Do you want to fix browser crashes in the AOL Desktop Gold issue?

If yes, you’re in the right place. This proposed guide is providing the troubleshooting steps to fix your desktop gold browser not working issue. Without having to take any support services.

Let’s start troubleshooting the issue with some basic general solutions:

Basic Solutions – Browser Won’t Load Pages in Desktop Gold

Generally, when you notice that your browser is behaving unusually. Or denies to load pages either the problem is with your computer system or with the browser itself. To fix this issue, we need to attempt every expected solution one-by-one.

So let’s begin!

Perform System Restart

Yes! It works! Perform a fresh system restart to get fix the common technical glitches. Do not forget to close all the programs running on the desktop before restarting your system.

If the problem appears again, uninstall and download the latest version of desktop gold software again on your computer.

During the load, if you’ve stuck at error 104 and don’t know how to get rid of this. Read the AOL desktop gold 104 troubleshooting guide now without wasting any time.

Scan your Computer for Infected Files

Using an authenticated scanning software, scan your entire system to remove the malicious files. Be sure the antivirus software you’re using is updated.

In an event, you find the desktop gold software is corrupted you should install the latest desktop gold software for Windows

Perform System Compatibility Check

The reason when your browser is crashing in AOL desktop gold or constantly freezing or crashing or acting sluggish can be the system incompatibility. Thus it is advisable to run a system compatibility check to fix browser crashes in the Desktop Gold problem.

 To do so,

  1. Click on the Window launch icon>>>>>type ‘system’ on window search button labeled as ‘search programs and files’
  2. On the prompt list choose ‘system’ and click on it to open.
  3. See if your system complies with the below-mentioned specification
  • Device storage: At Least 512 Hard disk space & 1 GB or more RAM
  • Screen Resolution: Not less than 1068*768
  • System processor: must be 266MHz or faster
  • Operating system: Window 8,9,10 or newer

If you find any discrepancy while comparing your system specification to the above said, get fix this.

After inspecting system compatibility if you’re still struggling with the slow desktop gold browser issue. Then it has to do with your internet and network connectivity!

Further, sometimes your system screen starts flashing error code 205 if your system does not comply with the said specifications. To get fix this error message read: AOL desktop gold 205 error code help guide now!

Check  Internet and Connectivity

Defective internet or inadequate internet speed also leads to browser crashing, freezing and other unpredictable browser behavior.

Sometimes It may also happen that your desktop gold browser screen turns black/blank. Or exit itself when you try to open it.

Thus, having an active and stable internet connection is a must. To Troubleshoot your network and connectivity section, see the steps below:

  1. Click on the Window start button>>>>>>>>>>Go to Control Panel
  2. On the next Window, choose ‘Network and internet’.
  3. Under this, click on the ‘network and sharing center’
  4. Finally, locate the ‘Troubleshoot Problems’.
  5. Click on the internet connection to start resolving the issue.

If it detects any error, you will be instructed to fix the issue on your own. You may also seek help directly from your internet service provider.

Also, if your desktop gold denies connecting with the internet even after many tries, read AOL Desktop Gold won’t connect to the Internet

However, the Ethernet cable provides fast and stable internet. If you choose the wireless network to connect your computer with the internet. You may follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your internet speed:

Tip 1: simply re-locate your wireless router. Preferably nearby computer to boost the wireless signal strength. Also, if you’re using a Mesh internet connection. Disconnect all other networks for a couple of minutes so your browser can load results faster.

Tip 2: Re-position your router antennas in a different location.

Tip 3: Do not place any other electronic device. Such as microwave, wireless phone or radio  to lessen the chance of signal interruption.

Unable to locate the desktop gold icon due to defective internet connection. If yes, you may visit the AOL Desktop gold Missing Icon – Ultimate Solutions

Flush out Temporary/Junk Files

Is your browser running slow? It can be due to overloaded memory!

More than 69% of the browser crashing issue gets resolved by simply freeing up some system storage.

Perform disk cleanup to clear unwanted/Junk files from the system

  1. Bring your mouse to Window start button>>>>>>>>>Type ‘disk cleanup’ on the window search bar>>>>>>click on the disk cleanup option.
  2. On the next Window, choose the files to delete by simply marking the checkbox next to files.
  3. Finally Click OK.

Doing this will improve your Window functionality and also will fix browser is crashing in AOL Desktop Gold.

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After performing these basic troubleshooting tips, the problem persists. This implies the problem is browser-specific and not computer-specific.

Here we need to check our desktop gold browser settings. So let’s get started

Advanced Solutions to Rectify Browser is Freezing Issue

Clear Browser Footprint/Cookies/History in Desktop Gold

  1. To begin with, launch your desktop gold software using authenticated username and password.
  2. Open your browser feature and choose the edit menu from the top menu bar
  3. Under the Edit menu, click on the ‘Clear footprint’.

Same way, delete the browser cache/history to improve the desktop gold browser performance.

Learn how to clear browser history in the desktop gold application:

  1. Sign in to desktop gold using account credentials. Do not forget that your password is case-sensitive.
  2. Once you’re into the desktop gold window, search and locate the setting menu from the top menu bar
  3. Under this, choose ‘Browser’>>>>>finally Tick the box next to browser cache.

It is a good practice to clear browser history each time you quit desktop gold. To avoid browsers won’t open or be unresponsive to a keyboard command.

Disable the On-Screen Paid Ads/Pop-up Window

You will be surprised to know that the flashing ads on the browser window can destroy your browser functionality dramatically.

Yes! If the desktop gold browser always keeps crashing the issue can be associated with the ads flashing on your browser screen.

To fix this, you have to activate the Ad-free mail plan. Want to know how? See the steps below:

Note: This option is only available to AOL advantage plan members. If you don’t have an advantage plan membership,  you’re only allowed to hide Ads temporarily.

  1. To start with, you need to login the desktop gold account for which you need to avail the service. While punching credentials, if you get any error even after providing the valid credentials, Visit- AOL Desktop gold login not working guide to  resolve the issue.

    Note: Keep in mind that in the future if you want to move the ad-free benefit to another desktop account. Then you have to deactivate the feature in the first account first. Also, the feature is only supported for Windows 7 and newer desktop gold versions.

  2. On the opened window, Search for the ‘Ad-Free Mail’ and click on the ‘Activate Now.’ button.
  3. You will be prompted with a confirmation message if your account is eligible for this benefit.
  4. Finally, confirm the message to enjoy the ad-free browsing.

If you find that the ads are still appearing, simply sign out and sign in again to see if it works. Make sure you sign in with the same username and password for which you have availed the ad-free benefit.

However, you will get the desktop gold products promotion ads even after availing the benefits.

Update Desktop Gold Software to Fix Browser is Crashing in Desktop Gold

Sometimes the reason why your browser is crashing in AOL desktop gold or keeps freezing is nothing but the outdated desktop gold software. Luckily the desktop gold comes with a built-in automatic update feature. However, you can do it manually too.

To do so,

  1. Open your desktop gold account.
  2. On the next Window, Go to the ‘About’ page usually on the left side of the Window.
  3. See if there is any update notification on the panel. If you find any, follow the onscreen instructions to pursue the update process.

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