Unable to Send or Receive AOL Emails In Desktop Gold?

Getting problem when you send or receive AOL emails on desktop gold?

Due to some reason, you are neither able to send an email or receive it. This email error can affect your daily work if you are not able to solve it within a short time.

For that, Here is the ‘Troubleshooting AOL Email Sent & Receive Issues’guide that will explain to you about the causes and the reasons to rectify the error.

Before performing any troubleshooting, you should try to uninstall AOL gold software and download AOL desktop gold Windows  with the latest version. Else, you need to move below written troubleshooting…

Why Am I Unable to Send or Receive Emails

Many causes can give rise to AOL Desktop Gold not receiving or sending emails. Understand why you’re unable to send emails and troubleshoot any major problem:

Case 1: Check your Internet Connection

So, first of all, make sure you are connected to the internet.

In case, you have any trouble related internet then check out our troubleshooting guide on AOL desktop gold won’t connect to the internet

Case 2:  Check your SMTP Server Details.

This is the one common mistake when you have set up wrong SMTP server settings with client mail. So, check about SMTP details.

Case 3: Verify your all Usernames & Password

You need to double check login details whether you are using correct or not!!!

Note: If you find your password not working, hacked by anyone and more then check out our detailed guide on how to reset AOL desktop gold password….

Case 4: Change your SMTP Port

Check SMTP port because outgoing mail server uses normally port 25, but some ISP may block it due to the increasing traffic. So, use port 587 or 465;

Case 5: Control your Antivirus or Firewall Settings

Sometimes outgoing mail servers stop working due to the Computer’s protection system. So, if Antivirus or Firewall blocks it, then remove it.

Some other Reasons behind AOL Mail Issues

  • Due to Insufficient space in internal memory, RAM
  • The display name getting hacked
  • Browser issue
  • The cache memory is full
  • Firewall issue
  • Usage of pop-up blocking software
  • Using of wrong letters
  • Using outdated software
  • Utilizing of enlisted filters

Troubleshooting to Solve AOL Email Problems

To rectify the above AOL desktop gold issues, the process you need to follow is explained below. By following the steps, you can eliminate the error easily.

  • Restart Computer System

This is the most common and easy step, which can at times solve Can’t Send or Receive Emails In AOL Gold error.

For that, you need to select the Windows button and click on the “Restart” button.

Restarting the system will clean the internal memory RAM. It helps in solving the minor technical errors that a user might face.

  • Using a Different Browser

Most of the internet browser supports working with AOL Mails. There are a few specific browsers that are not compatible with AOL. The browser settings make it difficult because of which you might face Problems Sending Emails On AOL.

For that, you can either try to log in to your AOL account through a different internet browser or update the browser you are using. By doing that, you will see that you have solved the issue.

  • Clear the Cache Memory

The main reason for a cache is to help the website load quickly. At times, you have to Send But Not Receive Emailsand the reason behind this is the presence of unwanted data available on the browser cache. Cleaning the browser cache memory can prevent you from facing such issues. Delete the cache memory before you log in to your AOL account regularly.

  • Edit the Settings of the Firewall

The solution behind Why Does My AOL Email Fail to Sendis to edit the settings of the firewall. The firewall installed in your system can block AOL Mail from sending or receiving an email. Moreover, you must ensure that you switch on the firewall after your work is over or after solving the mail problem error.

  • Disabling Pop-up Blocking Software

Due to the presence of pop-up blockers, you might face email receiving and sending issues. To rectify why I can’t I Receive AOL Emailsyou need to end up setting the pop-up. After that, you need to add AOL Mail to your white-list allowing the user to send and receive emails without any issue.

  • Outdated Software

Make sure that you are using updated software. Outdated software can prevent sending and receiving emails. The best way to eliminate the issue is to keep performing the necessary updates.

To learn more, read AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not working.

  • Check the Status of the Enlisted Filters

At times, using a filter can block the AOL Desktop Gold to send or receive an email, or it can also send the email to the trash folder. To rectify the error, you need to check each filter that is created in your system.

To do so,

1: Login into AOL Desktop gold mail using authenticate credentials.

2: Navigate to the settings button on the top-right of the window and click on it.

3: Now, Go to the filter settings.>>>>under this option, If you find any filter available, select and delete them.

Need Help?

If you are still unable to solve the error of receiving and sending emails, then approaching an expert would be the last and final option. The error is surely going to get solved once you get technical assistance. So, call the experts;


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