AOL Desktop Address Book Disappeared | Contact Missing

Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared while composing a email.
Or cant find contacts in your AOL Contact book.

no need to worry as this guide will highlight all the causes for AOL Desktop Gold contact missing. Along with all the possible solution for Address Book Disappeared issue.

The gold software is quite useful as with the software a user will be able to carry out each and every program such as watching an entertainment program or the news or browsing through the internet.

Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared

Steps to solve issues like Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

First step first download AOL desktop gold.

Check of internet connection to rectify Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

  1. The internet connection needs to be stable as well as strong to rectify the issue. First open the website and check whether you are able to open the website or not.
  2. Check whether the cables are properly inserted or not. Unplug all the cables and then plug in again. If there is no change in the internet connection then press on start button and proceed to control panel followed by network and then sharing center button.
  3. Select on troubleshoot problems which is under the network settings button.
  4. Click on the network connection as well as the network adapter. You will receive a notice which will notify the problems due to which you are not able to get a proper internet connection.
  5. Solve the problem and restart the machine. You might notice that the Contact Missing from Desktop Gold problem has been solved.

If you are still at the same stage, then continue with the process.

The AOL webmail needs to be checked

To Recover Missing Address Book in Desktop Gold, follow the steps that are described below

  1. First sign in into the AOL account and check if the contact list is present or not. If it’s there then log out from the account and again log in and check if the contact list is still available now.
  2. If there is no change, then uninstall the software and again install it.
  3. Then run AOL address book sync.
  4. Sign in to the account where the Address Book Disappeared From Desktop.
  5. Then proceed to and select on the button which says run.
  6. Proceed with the instructions that you can see in the screen so that you can complete the process of AOL address book sync.
  7. After completing the procedure, sign in to the account and check if the contact list has been restored or not.
  8. Apart from this, exporting the AOL mail address book is also possible. For that select on export or more just above the contact list.
  9. Then click on the file name. Select on export tab to complete the procedure.
  10. Then import the file that has the contact from the system to the account.
  11. To save the contact in the mail, proceed to the address book and select only words to save it.

After updating the windows, Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

  1. Usually, while updating there should not be any change in the address book. However if it happens, then you need to continue with the procedure.
  2. Go to the start button and then proceed to control panel. On the search bar type recovery.
  3. Then select the recovery option and proceed to system restore and then click on next tab.
  4. You need to click on the recent updated file and select on delete to move to the previous status.
  5. If you are unable to do it, then ensure that the system protection is switched on.
  6. To check that go to the control panel and click on system recovery and then Configure System Restore and then ensure that you have selected system protection.
  7. If you are looking to permanently delete the updated folder, then select on the start button and move to system settings.
  8. Select on system settings and then update and settings, then windows update.
  9. Proceed to advanced option and then check your update history. Then uninstall the updates.
  10. After that restart the system and then sign in again into the AOL account to check if you are able to find the Desktop Gold Contact Missing

Some other reasons as well as solutions for Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

Due to Sorted Category Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

  1. Since the category AOL contacts book missing is unselected, so it can lead to this issue.
  2. Using the username and the password, log in to the account.
  3. Proceed to the mail menu and select on the address book.
  4. Make sure that the category listings and also the contact list of AOL is selected.
  5. After that the address book needs to be closed or refresh after program or log in again to check if the hidden contact list is visible.
  6. If you are still at the same step then locate address bar and uninstall the software and then install AOL desktop gold again.
  7. This will help in removing the entire non-repairable or damaged file from the software.

If you are still unable to rectify with the error then proceed with the next procedure.

Due to temporary internet files Desktop Gold Address Book Missing

  1. For that clear the cookies, cache memory or browser history and reset all the settings.
  2. Close the internet explorer window and move to the start button.
  3. Then select on programs and select on internet explorer to open it.
  4. Then select on tools and go to the internet option.
  5. Click on general tab and select the delete option under the section of browser history.
  6. To clear the cache under Temporary Internet files section, you need to proceed with the process.
  7. Select on cookies and then delete cookies. Continue with the same procedure under the history section.
  8. Once the process is completed, select on the security button and proceed to default level button.
  9. Then restart the system and check if the contact list has been recovered or not.

Disabled cookies and Java

  1. Open the internet explorer and select on tools and on the internet button.
  2. Go to security button and select on internet button and then custom level and then Active Scripting section.
  3. Select on radio button under Scripting of Java section.
  4. Click on privacy and then advanced tab.
  5. Click on Override automatic cookies and then okay.


The above procedure will help in solving the issue Desktop gold address book disappearing problem.

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