AOL Desktop Gold Login Error On Microsoft Outlook | Guide

Why am I getting Desktop Gold Login Error on Microsoft Outlook while sign-in Account?


Are you facing trouble with this message “Login Problem on Desktop Software” on the Computer?

It is a one type of error that keeps arising when you try to log in through the software. 

There might be several reasons when you can’t login into desktop app account. So, if you find yourself in this situation or don’t know what you should do, keep reading this guide to troubleshoot desktop software problems on your own.

To eliminate this error is quite easy. You need to follow the procedure carefully that given in this guide. Through this guide, you will be able to solve the problem effectively. 

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Desktop Gold Login Error – Causes/Reasons

There are a number of reasons when users deal with this problem”Can’t login into desktop account”. So, go ahead and check then why you come across this problem 

  1. Outdated software of the desktop or Windows.
  2. Operating system is corrupted.
  3. Poor network connection.
  4. Date and time is not updated automatically.
  5. Service outage.
  6. Enabling third party software.

Symptoms of Desktop Gold Login Error

The symptoms for Gold Desktop Login Error are as follows:-

  1. You are not able to log in to Desktop account on Mac.
  2. You are facing trouble while logging from Microsoft Outlook.
  3. The login screen is showing Redirect Error.
  4. There is an issue with the Gold Login screen which is not opening.

Basic Solutions – Login Problem on Desktop Software

Desktop gold login error is most frustrating problem when you try to login desktop account. This problem could be caused due to many reasons that have been mentioned above. 

So, before performing any advanced troubleshooting, just follow the steps mentioned below to fix your problem.

  • First off, make sure that Java Applet on your Internet Browser is enabled.
  • Try different browser to login into your account
  • You can try to sign out and sign in again your account.
  • Remove or clear all the caches and cookies of the browser.
  • Reset password is an option for you to fix problem.
  • Reinstall your software and try to desktop gold download again.

If these basic solutions doesn’t help you, get in touch with experts to get assistance. 

Understand & Troubleshoot Desktop Gold Login Problem

After applying basic solution, you got blank screen or even log in error then here’s some troubleshooting solutions to deal with desktop software sign-in problem

Just understand the problem and try solutions to fix your  gold desktop problems. Go ahead to communicate with problems and solutions.

Problem 1: Desktop Login not Happening for Windows 8, 7 or 10 

If you can’t login into your desktop account on Windows then figure out the problem below with suitable solutions. 

Outdated Software:

At times, the gold software or the Windows will not be an updated one. At that point, you need to first update Windows or your software, if you wish to eliminate the Gold Login Error.

To find out recent Window update, to do that; 

  • Open your Windows Computer 
  • Click on Start Menu.
  • Go to “Control Panel” by selecting this option on the right hand side.

Next Step: Control Panel -> System and Safety -> Windows Update -> Press on the Windows button and install it on your Windows system. 

Note: If you find that your desktop software automatic update not working, try to fix this problem to read troubleshooting guide on desktop gold software automatic update not working.

Operating System is Corrupted

  • This occurs when your system is detected with a Virus or Malware. To eliminate this, you need to first upgrade the Anti-virus software.
  • And then, scan your Computer. After that, usually the problem gets solved. 
  • In case, it is still in the same position, you can again reinstall Windows software.

Poor Network Connection

  • If the network connection is not strong, then you will not be able to log in to your account. 
  • So,  verify that all plugs and wires are properly plugged. 
  • You should check that your Windows system is properly connected to router.

Service Outage

The Gold Login Error Message will pop up when a temporary server outage gets affected. So, make sure that you are not facing any such issues. 

Automatic Setting of Time and Date 

To set automatic setting of time and date, check out below points:

  • Go to the Start Menu button and click on Control Panel 
  • Select on System Preferences.
  • After that, click on date and time zone and check that it is correct. 
  • Click the checkbox which says “update the date and time automatically”. 
  • At last, Click on OK and try to login to the account. 

After following the steps, you will see that the Gold Login Screen not Opening problem has rectified. If not, then continue the process.

Enabled Third-party Software

  • In case, if you come across any software which is forming an obstruction for the gold software to work properly in the system then disable all of them temporarily and check if you can login to the software or not. 
  • When you are disabling all these software then you are removing the black screen which comes during the login process. 
  • After that you will be able to log in automatically. 

Most of the time, you can encounter install or download error 104 in the software. So, in that case, read “troubleshoot desktop gold 104 error

Problem 2: Cannot Login AOL Gold Account post Password Update

  • Open Control Panel and select on user account and proceed on clicking “Manage your Credentials”. 
  • After that you need to select the Software and click on the edit option or remove from vault. 
  • Type the new updated password if you are selecting on edit. 
  • And if you select on remove the vault, then all the saved credential will get deleted from the system. 

After that they can’t Login Gold software Account will get removed and you will be able to login through the account. 

Point: If you don’t know about resetting password or forgotten password, try steps to read out how to reset desktop gold password guide without any problem. 

Problem 3: Desktop Won’t Login Error after Windows Update

  • Open your Windows Computer. Click on “Control Panel” by opening the Start Menu.
  • Click on Programs -> Select on Uninstall a Program -> Click on the Uninstall button.
  • Now download and install the file if you have already installer file.
  • After that, if it is still not working then deletes the update version settings.
  • Now, open Control Panel and click on programs followed by view installed updates which is available under Program and Feature button.
  • Select on Windows update button which you have installed recently and select uninstall. 
  • If you can’t install, reboot your system in safe mode and restore your system. 
  • Control Panel-> Security Settings -> System-> System Protection.
  • Tap on  System Restore and wait for the time period the process gets completed.

Problem 4: After Clicking ‘Sign In’ button, Redirecting to Gold Login Screen

  • If you are facing this issue, then first delete the cache memory of the system by proceeding to the control.
  • After deleting the files that have not required, try to login.
  • Run the troubleshooter and check if the email account is working or not and also check your network connection is proper or not. 

Problem 5: Desktop Gold Login Screen Not Opening

  • Login screen not opening,  it means that the Task Manager is not closing properly in the Windows either it is 8 or 7 or 10. 
  • Similarly, also check the space in the RAM. 
  • And to fix it, you need to select the End Task button and close the entire running program in the system.

Important: In case, If you might come across related software icon not working problem, know how to resolve desktop icon won’t open problem.

Problem 6: Turning Off the Auto-Login System

  • Go to website and login into your account by using ID and password.
  • Next, go to Keywords ->Startup Settings. Then deselect the checkbox which says “Automatically sign on with this screen name when I open” button.
  • After that restart the Computer and you will notice that the software is not able to login automatically. 

Can’t Login Desktop Gold Account From Microsoft Outlook

If you stuck with login error on desktop gold account in Microsoft account then you must follow the below given steps:

First off, you will need to check that your internet connection is working properly or not.

After this your internet working properly, you can continue further process:-

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook and Choose “Add an Account” using account Settings.
  • Enter the required information like IMAP, SMTP and account type.
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
  • Further, login to your account by entering login credentials.
  • After this, apply more Settings for Incoming and Outgoing mail server such as
    Incoming Server: 993 or 143
    Incoming Server Encrypted Connection: SSL
    Outgoing Server: 587
    Outgoing Server Encrypted Connection: TLS
  • At last, check all the information and apply on Save button for changes.


I hope above mentioned troubleshooting solutions will help you to get rid of login problems. 

On the off chance, you can’t able to resolve account login problem then contact  support team and take assistance to eliminate the software problem with ease. 



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