AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow – Quick & Easy Solutions

Is your desktop gold running slow?

We understand how this problem annoying or frustrating can be!!

When you might come across an error “desktop working so slow”; You feel quite helpless or don’t know what to do to resolve this problem without any problem. 

You try all solutions to get rid  gold desktop running extremely slow problem, but failed. It becomes difficult for you to get it rectified.

Don’t bother; 

Want to get rid of this problem with easily then read this post to eliminate Why is Desktop application so slow error happens.

Let’s get started;

Similar Issues on Desktop Running Slow

Take a look on issues when your desktop gold software not responding or running slow on your system whose users face this problem.

  • Gold Desktop is Working So Slow
  • Why My Desktop software Gold Not Loading
  • Desktop Program is So Slow Its Near Unusable 
  • Why Has My Desktop Started Running Slow
  • Gold Application Keeps Getting Worse Due Working Slow
  • My Desktop Software Started Responding Very Slow

Desktop Gold is Working Too Slow – Why

There are numerous reasons when your desktop gold working too slow. So, go ahead to know why your gold software respond slow on system

  • Due to automated running of some software.
  • Due to improper network connection.
  • Router is not working properly.
  • Overloaded files in your system.
  • Your gold desktop software not updated.
  • May be Your browser has too many add-ons
  • Viruses, Spyware and other Malware can Slow Down

Symptoms – Why Has My Desktop Gold Started Running Slow

Most important when you come to know your desktop software going to be slow down. So, here’s some symptoms on Desktop App Running Slow.

  • Your gold software not open due to slow process.
  • Due to running slow, you can’t send or receive mail.
  • PC Checkup will not Work with Microsoft 10
  • Login error on  desktop gold software due to slow 
  • Your software not showing email

Try some troubleshooting solutions to figure out desktop software gold running slow problem.

Here’s The Solution – Desktop Gold Running Slow Problem

If you are unable to resolve  gold software is working so slow problem by itself after knowing its reasons, reach out to experts and get assistance.  

But, before reaching out experts, try some below mentioned troubleshooting solutions that help you to resolve problems.

Solution 1: Restart the PC System

  • To do this, first close all the folders or files that are open on the screen and save it before closing all the files.
  • Then, you need to go Start Menu button that is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Restart button.
  • Wait until, restart process will not completed.
  • Once done, see if your problem get resolved.

If still the slow working problem persists then you need to follow the next step.

Solution 2: Enable Essential Startup Programs Only

The programs or applications that automatically running slow down your software or system. 

So, to enable essentials startup programs only, below check out how you can disable those:

  • Open Task Manager Window option 
  • Click on Startup. 
  • Then choose the unessential programs who you don’t want to continue.
  • Click on Disable button. 
  • You need to continue with the process until the program which it is restricting its functioning gets selected.
  • To save all the changes that you made to the Computer, restart your system. 

You can also try this;

Go to Start > Run, type in “msconfig” (without the ” ” marks)and press OK. When the System Configuration Utility comes up, click on the Startup tab. Press the button to “Disable All.” Click on the Services tab.

After following this procedure, if the error is eliminated then you can use the software or getting issue move to the next step.

Solutions 3: Reboot the Router

To fix out problem reboot your router. To do that; 

  • First off, turn off your Computer system.
  • Switch off all the devices and unplug the wires.
  • Keep all of them unplugged for few minutes.
  • Now, you can plug all the wires and router to check internet connection is working good.

Move to the next step procedure if your desktop software problems has not been solved.

Solutions 4: Clear Footprints

You must have observed that some of the files keep running in the system automatically then you definitely come across desktop app slow down problem.

So, to clear all these data files, follow below stated steps:

  • To clear all  these files, Open your desktop application login page.
  • Sign in with your authenticated credentials.
  • Click on the Settings Icon that is located on the top menu bar.
  • Click on the Browser
  • Select Security Button 
  • Also, select on each file that will help you in clearing the memory of the system.
  • Now, you need to select on clear footprints now. 

After that, you might find that the error has been resolved and it has started working properly now. If not, then follow the next process. 

Solution 5: Using Command Prompt

To fix  gold desktop running extremely slow, follow the command prompt steps:

  • Go to Windows -> Start button -> Command Prompt.
  • After that, you need to open cmd by right clicking on run as administration. 
  • Then, on the screen type “netsh Winsock reset” and hit Enter. 
  • After the process is completed, restart the Computer. 

Check if the Gold program Working Slow problem has resolved or not. If you find problems continue,  try to re-launch your software again by click on desktop gold download link

Solution 6: Run Registry Cleaner

If still the Desktop Gold very Slow, then you need to follow the steps: 

  • First install a Cleaner App -> then click on Custom Install -> tick on Install Auslogics Boostspeed 
  • Tap on install.
  • Then, Open the app and pre scan the checklist of the Registry to find the reason for it.
  • Open the displayed list and click the search button to find the exact cause of the problem. 
  • After finding it, you need to click on ‘Repair’ to remove.

One of the above steps will help you in solving the error.

Why Desktop is Extremely Slow & PC Checkup will not Work with Microsoft 10?

If your  gold software  is so slow & PC check will not work with Microsoft 10 then try below given some steps that might help you to resolve problem.

  • Try to restart your Computer/PC to eliminate the issue.
  • Check whether the Internet Connection is strong or not.
  • Make sure you have the latest update version of Windows & device drivers.
  • If you find any programs start functioning automatically then remove it.
  • Make sure your system have free up space.
  • Remove Virus and Malware from system to resolve problems.
  • Enable ReadyBoost
  • Switch off visual effects
  • You need to install the registry clear first and remove all the errors that has come up. 

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As these steps are quite easy and simple that anyone can follow it, and fix the desktop problem quite easily.

In case, you can’t resolve desktop gold running slow problem then definitely get in touch with the technicians to get complete troubleshooting guidance on desktop software.

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