AOL Desktop Gold Videos Won’t Play – Quick Troubleshoot

Having trouble on Desktop Gold videos won’t play?


Want to resolve videos won’t play on desktop gold software in a quick or easy way.

So without delay, read this post and apply troubleshooting method to get rid of desktop gold won’t play videos problem.

Also, know its causes that display error message while playing videos.

Let’s begin

Desktop Gold Videos Won’t Play

Similar Problem on Desktop Videos Won’t Play

Many times users face desktop software videos won’t play error different way such as

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  • Videos Won’t Play on Desktop Gold Software
  • Can’t Play Videos on Desktop
  • Desktop Videos Not Playing, All Other Videos Are Just Fine
  • I Hear Sound But Videos Won’t Play
  • Desktop Gold Video Won’t Play, Just Black screen
  • Blank Videos With Only Audio in Desktop Gold

Causes on Can’t Play Videos on Desktop

There can be different reasons or causes behind Videos Won’t Play on Desktop Gold Software problem. Sometimes, videos won’t open on your system due to flash player problem.

So, you can also get troubleshooting guidance on Flash player won’t play on desktop gold

Before performing troubleshooting, let’s check its causes:

  • When Adobe Flash player not download or install on your system.
  • If you are using Outdated media player.
  • Presence of cache in web browser cause video playing error
  • Due to video acceleration issue on your device.
  • Incompatibility between your software and Windows browser.
  • Check your internet connection speed.

Troubleshoot Desktop Gold Video Won’t Play Error

The step by step troubleshooting tips that will help you to rectify the desktop videos issues without any trouble.

Follow below mentioned troubleshooting methods to resolve problem:

1st thing 1st download desktop gold on Windows ( Latest)

Method 1: Restart Your Computer/PC

If you might come across videos won’t play on desktop error, you need to restart your Computer system to resolve problem.

Restart Your Computer PC for fix aol video wont play issue

Restarting method will help in clearing the internal storage of the device and help you to resolve issues quickly.

To do that:

  • Open the Start Menu by clicking Windows button.
  • Tap on the Power button.
  • From the list of option, choose Restart or Reboot the device.
  • Wait until your system restart.

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Method 2: Clear Windows Browser Cache

To resolve Desktop gold video problem, clear all the cache, history from your Windows browser.

Clear Windows Browser Cache

To do this:

  • Open your Browser’s settings i.e. (Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Select History option of the Windows browser.
  • Select option of Clearing Browser History
  • Click on Clear Data

In case, this method doesn’t help you resolve problem try another method.

Also Don’t Forget to Intsall desktop gold on Windows ( latest Version)

Method 3: Lower Video Acceleration

Try below given steps:

Lower Video Acceleration

  • Select Windows Start button -> All Programs -> Select Windows Media Player
  • Click on the Tools Menu (In case, Tools menu not visible on screen, right click on the title bar and tap on Tools menu.)
  • Tools -> Options -> Performance Tab -> Drag the slide bar in the middle.
  • Then click on OK to save the changes.
  • In some cases you will get error 104 , to fix error 104 in desktop gold click here

Method 4: Update Windows Media Player

Update your Windows media player to resolve desktop video player won’t play problem.

Update Windows Media Player

  • First off, sign into your desktop gold account.

Note: In sort of situation, you face login error message on your screen read our troubleshooting guide to resolve desktop gold login error

  • Open Windows Start menu -> All Programs -> Windows Media Player -> Tools Menu -> Help -> Check for Updates

In case if there are any updates available then you need to update it by following  the instructions that you can see on the screen.

Method 5: Update the Video Driver

Due to outdated version of video driver, you encounter video player issue. Resolve this problem to follow below steps:

Update the Video Driver and fix desktop gold video wont play issue

  • Open Start Menu button -> Search Bar
  • Type “Update Device Driver”
  • Once search appeared, click on the update device driver
  • Among the list, select the most relevant result.
  • After this, you will see a list of installed drivers on the system.
  • Update your driver by following on-screen instructions.


I hope above mentioned troubleshooting methods will definitely help you to resolve desktop gold video won’t play error.

In case, desktop video problem still frustrate you; don’t hesitate to communicate with experts. Or do visit Desktop Gold troubleshooting page for self help.

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