AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open/Not Responding – Quick Fix

Is your “Desktop Gold won’t open” whenever you launch it?


Frustrated with the issue “desktop gold icon not responding”?

It is one of the common problems which are faced by the users when they are using the desktop gold software.

You find problem desktop icon not responding, could be an issue of Computer compatibility with gold application or something wrong with your browser that you are using.

At that moment, you might feel quite helpless. But don’t bother; it’s the time or chance for you to find answers from here.

So, with no waste more time, we recommend to follow this troubleshooting guide, that have simple and easy desktop gold problems.

Let’s start;

List of Queries Addressed by this Guide:

Get to know list of queries addressed by this guide that user might come across while using gold desktop software on Computer/PC system.

  • Desktop Gold Software Won’t Open Issue
  • Gold Desktop Icon Not Responding 
  • Why My Gold Software Won’t Loading
  • My Desktop Application Not Responding
  • Desktop Software Has Stopped Working on My Computer
  • Desktop Suddenly Freezes
  • What to Do, If My Software Icon Is Not Working 
  • Software Launches but Will Not Open

Now, we discuss reasons why software icon suddenly stops working on system. 

Reasons Why Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue 

There is not a definite reason that can be defined for any technical issue like Gold Icon Not Responding, My desktop software running slow which keeps arising. An issue may occur due to several reasons which are explained below: 

  • Incompatibility: Main reason incompatibility between system and software cause desktop not working problem. So make sure about it.
  • Installation Error: The software has not been installed properly or has been installed inappropriately.
  • File Corrupted: You might come across this problem because of software file is corrupted or smashed.
  • Presence of Virus/Malware: Due to the presence of any Virus or Malware that are creating an obstruction for the software to work properly.
  • Hard Disk Problem: Corrupted or damaged hard disk of the system cause problem.
  • Poor Internet Connection: Your Internet connection not good or got disrupted.
  • Outdated Software: There are times when you can’t update it with the latest version. So, update desktop gold software immediately.

Symptoms of Desktop Icon Not Responding

When you have the query What happens if your desktop stopped working or won’t open? So, know its symptoms of software Won’t Open are 

  1. The desktop error 104 is displayed.
  2. The system freezes for a few seconds.
  3. System becomes quite slow. 

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Desktop Won’t Open

Once you download gold desktop software or try to open but it shows the message desktop won’t open. That’s very frustrating. 

Download AOL Gold Desktop Software

Whatever, here you can  figure out problems on your own.  

Read and follow the troubleshooting steps carefully to rectify the issue is explained below: 

Solution 1: Restart the Computer

Restart Your Computer PC and fix aol desktop issue

  • For this, you need to first save and close all the running files that are open in the desktop.
  • Then go to the Start menu, or press on ALT+ F4 which is present at the bottom left corner of the screen where you have to click on the restart button. 
  • After that, the restart process will start and it will clear the RAM which is the internal memory and will create a space for the download.
  • And then you can place a shortcut icon on the desktop. 

If it is showing Gold Won’t open, then you need to follow the next step.

Solution 2: Check the Connection of the Network

 Network that you are using is not strong or is not stable, then the Desktop Software Icon Not Responding error will not get solved. 

Check the Connection of the Network to fix desktop gold Not Responding

  • For this,  first make the connections proper before carrying out any further step. 
  • You need to first select the Start button -> Control Panel -> Select on Network and Sharing Center Option. 
  • After that, Click on troubleshoot problems which is available under “Change your Network Setting “block. 
  • Further, click on Internet Connection and Network Adapter. If there is any problem due to which you are not able to connect to the internet then the problem will get highlighted and solve the issue first. 
  • You need to fix the issue first and restart the system. 

 After this also, the Gold Icon Not Working, then continue with the next step.

Solution 3: Scan and Remove Malicious Software

If there is any virus in the system, then the Desktop suddenly Freezes. To rectify it, follow the steps.

Scan and Remove Malicious Software aol desktop gold not working

  • Go to the Start Menu button 
  • Click on Control Panel -> Manage Another Account and then select on User Account. 
  • After that click on new user account and go and select try to make a new icon and check if it is working or not. 
  • If you can see that the software has started working, then you can delete the previous account and start using the new one. 

To remove virus or malware programs download the PC Scanner tool to click here 

Now, the software might start working, if still the Launches but Won’t Open then continues with the next step.

Solution 4: Update the Software of the Desktop

If the software is not working that means the software is the outdated one. Then, you need to follow these steps to update:

Update the Software of the Desktop to fix icon not opening issue

  • Usually in most of the system, the software gets updated automatically. However, if it is required you can also do it manually. 
  • If in case, you are still using the outdated version, then you need to first update the software before you start using the software. 

If still the Gold Icon Stopped Working, then you need to follow the advanced troubleshooting steps that are explained below.

Advanced Methods – Desktop Gold Suddenly Stops Working 

In sort of situation, if your problem doesn’t get resolved by following basic troubleshooting then try advanced methods to launch desktop gold software icon on your Computer system.

Follow carefully advanced methods that are stated below:

Method 1: Check the Gold Source File in the Screen

  • First, Search for the gold software icon that is available on the screen and right click on that. 
  • After that select on Properties Options. Then, select on targeted files and the URL needs to be copied. 
  • You need to paste the URL in the Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and check the availability of the software. If you don’t find any files, then you can delete the icon from the screen. 
  • Select on C: // to navigate the Software Folder. 
  • And then search for the icon again and check if it’s working. 
  • If it is working, then right click on the icon and select on creating a new one.

Note: In case, your icon goes missing from your desktop screen, feel free to go ahead troubleshooting guide on how to restore desktop gold missing icon

Move next method, if you find problem again

Method 2: Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

  • Double click on the icon of the Antivirus which will lead to the opening of a security center Window.
  • Select on Web and Email Protection and then click on the Antivirus link. 
  • After that you will see turn off and Restore Default’s button in the Window. You need to press on turn off button. 
  • Another page will open which will ask you a question when to resume the Antivirus program. 
  • Select the time and click on turn off button so that the process can be completed. After that you can re-launch the software.

If all these processes don’t not solve My Gold Desktop Won’t Open problem then follow the last given method step. 

Method 3: Restore the Setting of the Windows

Restore the Setting of the Windows

  • For this process, first click on the Start Menu which is placed at the bottom left corner of the screen 
  • Further click on the search button and type System Restore. 
  • After that click on System Restore option and select Next. 
  • Then you will see a pop up has come saying Restore your Computer to the original state. So,  confirm that message. 
  • At last, click on Finish button and restart the system. 

After that you will find that the software has started working now.

Having Still Problem On Desktop Icon Won’t Open? Don’t Hesitate to Contact Experts!

If the desktop software stopped working, then try 

  • Save your all files. 
  • Restart your system by pressing ALT + F4
  • Another way, Click on the Start Menu and Choose Restart option to perform action. 

Also, read guide on if your system display 

Flash Player Problem On Desktop Software 

Conclusion on Desktop Gold Not Working

The basic troubleshooting and advanced methods which are explained above will definitely help you to rectify the  gold icon freezes or won’t open issue. 

In case, you are unable to rectify the problem, take the help of professionals who will help you out so that you can use the software easily.


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