Reset AOL Desktop Gold Password | Recovery Process

Facing trouble while you Reset Desktop Gold Password

You can definitely have a look here to find a solution for this error. If the Desktop Password Reset process is done by following the steps, then you will be able to get rid of the problem quite easily. 

Reset Desktop Gold Password

The article below will give you an idea of what you should do while you Can’t Recover Desktop Gold Password.

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 Reasons for Reset Desktop Gold Password

When you can’t login desktop gold account then you have the option just recover or reset desktop software password. 

Know the reasons for Recover Forgot Password are listed below:

  • Sending some spam content in the mail.
  • The credit card information that has been stored in the software account has been stolen by someone else.
  • Logging into your account from multiple devices.
  • Browser Issues

Symptoms of Recover/ Reset Desktop Password

The symptoms for Desktop Password Recovery are listed below:

  1. Won’t let you to reset Desktop account software Password.
  2. Password Reset is not working.
  3. Login Error after the password has been changed.
  4. Password is not working work, can’t reset.
  5. Unable to regain control of the hacked account.
  6. The account recovery option for resetting the password is not there.

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Troubleshooting Analysis for Desktop Password Issues

Now, you can get troubleshooting for all desktop software problems related password “Can’t Recover Desktop Password”.

Let us discuss some troubleshooting methods of analysis to get rid desktop password reset issues:

Analysis 1: Desktop Won’t let me Reset my Password

  1. You need to first sign in to your account and move to Settings button and select on Logout from all devices button.
  2. Next, make sure that you are not sending any message to anyone’s spam content of the mail id. 
  3. If so, then get in touch with the Desktop Support to solve the error. 
  4. At last, contact the bank and ask if the credit card that you have is used by someone else or not. 
  5. If so, then get the card blocked. 
  6. You can also ask for an alternative card with respect to this. 

Analysis 2: Password Reset is Not Working

  1. You come across this problem, when you try to login once or twice into desktop account; if you are facing the same error then your account will get blocked. 
  2. After that, you need to wait for a day and try to login the next day.
  3. If you are still facing the same problem, then you can get the help from experts to fix the issue.

Analysis 3: Without Resetting,  Recovering the Password

There are three ways to do it which are 

  1. Recovering password from key-logger.
  2. Retrieve the password from the password manager or the memory.
  3. Using credit card to recover the password.

1.) Recovering Password from key-logger

This can be used by the one who has an installed key logger in the system. It helps in restoring all the keyboards’ strokes in the file which helps you to recover the password. For that,

  • You need to first open the Software folder and find the file which is saved with keyboard strokes.
  • After that,  open that file and find the password.

 2.) Retrieve the Password from the Password Manager or the Memory

  • First off, login to your account for retrieve the password. 
  • Then click on Settings and move to browser option that is present in the left side of the Window. 
  • After that under the password section, you need to search the password that is saved by the username.
  • After that select on retrieve to display the password in the screen.

  3.) Using Credit Card to Recover the Password

  • In this method, open login page and then type the username and click on continue button after that select on forgot password.
  • After that type your current mail id and password and also enter the mail id that along with the name that appears in the credit card.
  • Then you need to type the 4 digits of the credit card number, so that the process of verification is completed. 
  • Click on the next button and type the username and the password and retrieve the password. 
  • After that click on submit button and a mail regarding the password has been sent.

Analysis 4: Reset the Password for the Software for i-Phone

  • Verify that you are using the proper username and password.
  • The password which you are entering should be correct.
  • Then, you need to move to the Settings and then select on Mail, Contacts, Calendars button. 
  • After that, go to accounts options and select on account and type the password and select the mail account under the accounts section.
  • Now update the password. After that, delete the old password and enter the new one. 
  • After that, click on okay and then get back to the home page. 
  • Now try login through the updated password.

Analysis 5: Desktop doesn’t Work even after Password Reset

  • Open the browser Window and select on the three dots that are present at the top right corner.
  • After that, you need to click on Settings.
  • Go to the bottom of the page where you will find saved password list.
  • After getting the list, go and select of the mail.
  • If you are unable to locate the password then you need to click on the delete option and the data which are there needs to be removed.

Analysis 6: Unable to Regain Control of the Hacked Account 

  • You need to first launch the gold desktop software and then type username and then select on continue. 
  • Then select on forgot password. 
  • After that, click on the recovery mail index and then click on the password reset link.
  • You will be directed to password reset page where you need to type your username and password of the ID.
  • After the information is confirmed, the last 4-digit number of the credit card needs to be entered.
  • Then, select next button and then click on submit. 

So, do you wish to deal with the error that says ‘Desktop gold ***** lost all my usernames and password on all of my accounts? 

You can find the solution right here. Just go through below and get all the solutions right here!

Password Reset After Login

  1. Once type the password in both new as well as confirm password box, you need to click on OK.
  2. You will receive a message once you save all the changes.

Password Reset Before Login

  1. You are not able to remember the password or your account has been hacked.
  2. Then you can reset with the help either with an alternative mail id or another phone number.

Reset the Password Without a Phone Number or an Alternative Mail ID

  1. Once you enter the user name then you need to enter the password. 
  2. Next,  go and select on forgot password and you will be directed to the next page.
  3. There you can type the phone number or mail id and after that you will receive an OTP. That OTP you need to be entered in the login page and you will be directed to your password reset page. 
  4. There you need to type the new password and then save the changes. Then you need to click on OK.

Change or Reset Forgotten Desktop Password

If you have forgotten your gold software account password then you can reset or recover it with easily. You have three options to recover or change your password that below mentioned:

  • Using Email Address
  • By Phone Number Verification
  • Answer The Security Question

Let’s follow step to change or recover desktop account password :

  1. Open your account login page on your system.
  2. Enter your login credentials such as username & click on sign in.
  3. Now, Choose “I forgot my password”.
  4. Enter your username & select Next.
  5. Enter one of the account recovery items from which you want to recover password i.e. email address, phone number & security question.
  6. Once you select option, a further move to the next step.
  7. Change password by verifying option of the option email, question or phone text code that you have entered. 
  8. After verify, enter your new password.
  9. Select the Save button to apply changes.
  10. After saving, try to login with new password. 

Thus, you can change desktop software account password with easily. In case, you find problem while changing password, contact desktop  experts to solve problems.

Why Did I Have to Change My Password THREE Times in ONE Week?

You need to Change Password THREE Times in ONE Week to protect yourself from getting hacked. If your account gets hacked then you may lose all your information such as credit card number etc. It will also help you from sending any spam mails. Changing the password on a regular interval will help you from losing any important documents.

Besides  gold app password reset guide, we have more detailed information and troubleshooting guides for all the analysis of  software problems that includes desktop gold 104 error or desktop gold icon missing from desktop screen.


The above procedure will help you to rectify desktop won’t reset password quite easily. In case, if you are still going through any issue, get the support of desktop software from experts.

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