Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold – Troubleshooting Guide

What can a user do if he or she is unable to rectify the error Unable to Print from Desktop Gold? It’s quite simple.

Select one of the alternatives and check if you are able to solve the issue or not. Before finding a solution for it, find the cause of the problem so that you can avoid it in the future.

Sometimes due to technical issue also you might come across Desktop Gold Print Problems. Some of the reasons can be due to the corrupted files that are related to print operation or the print option is only for the AOL or due to conflicting programs or due to faulty printer or malfunctioning of the printer. This guide will help you to rectify the issue easily.

Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

Trouble shooting step to rectify Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

  1. With all the other programs, make sure that the printer is working properly.
  2. For that go to the blank area of the screen and using the mouse right click on the screen.
  3. Select on new and then click on text document.
  4. The created notepad needs to be opened and then type something to get a print.
  5. Then select on the file option and select on print.
  6. Go to the windows button and select on printer and then click on print option.
  7. Then select on save the file and locate the file as your choice.
  8. If you are not able to complete the process, then the solution for this is explained below.

Required Start up programs need to be enabled for Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

  1. After the system is turned on, there are a lot programs which starts with that. With that the system slows down. It is better to disable the programs which are not needed.
  2. Go to the search box which is available under the start button.
  3. Proceed to the task manager and select on enter and then go to start up button.
  4. Click on the programs that you don’t require and then select on the disabled option.
  5. Continue with all the programs that are not required by you. This will help to rectify the issue.
  6. Then the task manager needs to be closed.

Check and set the margin of the print for Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

Did you check the print margin? Are the print margins in proper position? If not then continue with the procedure. You also explore AOL troubleshooting section.

  1. Open web browser and then select on the file menu and then on the page setup button.
  2. Go to the margin section and select on 2.5 field text for top bottom left and right,
  3. Then select on okay to save the changes that are made.

Check if the printer is working on other software to detect Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

  1. By right clicking on the desktop, create a new text document.
  2. Type some text on the document.
  3. Then you need to save it.
  4. Then select the print option so that you can check if you are getting the print on the other software or not.
  5. If you are getting the print then the problem is with the software and if you are unable to get the print then the problem is with the printer.

The print spool needs to be cleared for Unable to Print from Desktop Gold

To Fix Print Issue on Desktop Gold, clearing the print spool will resolve the issue.

  1. To clear it, go to computer and select on windows task bar and select the icon of the printer. Then double click on it.
  2. Move to print job option and right click on it to further cancel it.
  3. Then select on yes button so that you confirm the cancellation process and then you need to close all the windows.
  4. If there are a lot of print options, then continue with the procedure till you cancel all of them.
  5. If you still can’t Print from Desktop Gold, then go to web browser and check if the problem is with the software or with anything else.

Using IE, print the web pages

To troubleshoot the Desktop Print Error and to print in internet explorer

  1. Select Ctrl + P on the keyboard.
  2. Then go to the tool button and then on the print button and then select on print.
  3. After that check how the printed page looks like by selecting on the print preview option.
  4. For checking the picture print, right click on the picture for which you want a print.
  5. Then click on the pint option to get the print.
  6. If the problem gets solved that means that the problem has been rectified.

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Desktop Gold, unable to print emails from AOL

Even if the printer is fine, you might come across this problem. For that first start with AOL Gold setup scrutiny.

  1. First select and launch the software using the username and the password.
  2. Select on the setting option which is available under the menu bar which will help you in opening a new window.
  3. Proceed to the mail settings which is available at the left bar of the software with which you will be able to change the settings of IMAP and AOL POP.
  4. For changing the setup information for the IMAP, type username as yourUsername@aol.com or yourUsername@games.com or etc and then the password.
  5. Then select on incoming mail server that is imap.aol.com by using port 143 for standard or 993 for SSL connections.
  6. aol.com is the outgoing server address for SMTP. For this use port to 587.
  7. Then type username as yourUsername@aol.com or yourUsername@games.com or etc.
  8. For password, enter the password that you use to sign in to the AOL account.
  9. For building the connection more securely, you need to check the SSL option for IMAP/POP and TLS for SMTP for the software.
  10. In case if the status is same then you need to uninstall the software and then Download AOl desktop gold again.


The above process will help you to rectify the issue unable to print from Desktop Gold.

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